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22 steps to installing exposed aggregate concrete that will last you a lifetime

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Installing exposed aggregate that results in a smooth and consistent finish needs experience, preparation and process. There are many concreters who will lay exposed aggregate concrete in driveways or pathways, and it can be confusing knowing which one to pick for your home.

Surely they will all deliver a good quality job that will last a lifetime? This is not the case. There is a big difference between a great concrete job and an average one when it comes to installing exposed aggregate.

Unfortunately, we get more calls than we should about badly laid exposed aggregate concrete jobs around Adelaide. There is no real cost effective way to fix concrete and often it has to be laid again.

In this blog we will share with you the 22 steps that Panorama Concrete Adelaide uses when installing exposed aggregate concrete to ensure a quality and complete  job that will last you a life time. The detailed 22 steps are provided to you when you become a client, below is a summary.

If it is done properly the first time, it will cost you less in the long run, your home will look great, and you will feel happier you researched your options.

The preparation of the job is crucial to a quality end result

1. Once you’ve decided to use Panorama Concrete​ for your exposed aggregate concrete driveway or pathways, we complete paperwork and agree on the earliest possible completion date.
2. We prepare a plan for the job that details everything that we have agreed to during our discussion and planning together.
3. We allocate Works Manager who looks after your job from start to finish.
4. Pre-preparation of your site is done which involves understanding your site, layout and your time frames.
5. Arrange a site preparation date that is convenient for you.
6. Our site preparer will arrive with a truck and bobcat on the agreed date.
7. Site preparation is completed and checked off with our team and yourself.
8. Steel reinforcement will be delivered to your site ready for the concrete pour, once the site preparation is completed.

The pouring of the concrete flows properly when the formwork is correct

9. We re-check the colour and stone selection and anything else relevant to your concrete job the day before your exposed aggregate concrete is poured.
10. On the big day, your concreters will arrive early and will start by installing all of the formwork for the job.
11. We review the formwork with you – to make sure everything is to plan and you liking.
12. The steel reinforcement is then cut to shape and placed.
13. Your chosen exposed aggregate concrete will then arrive.
14. Once all of this is complete, only then is the concrete poured.
15. Additional pebbles or stones that you have chosen will now be added.
16. This is an opportunity to add a few more stones if you prefer in consultation with your concreter.
17. The concreters will then finish trowelling the concrete.
18. A retarding agent is then placed over the concrete.
19. Our concrete team will clean up and remove any excess materials.
20. Subject to weather the concrete job will be washed down on the same day of the pour or the following day.
21. Control joints will be cut in to the paving as soon as the concrete has cured enough for this to happen. These are in the concrete to help control cracking which can be caused by ground movement and other elements outside of our control.

It is now ready for concrete sealing

22. Sealing your exposed aggregate concrete is a fundamental step in completing any quality concrete project. For your concrete to continue looking great year after year, sealing the concrete at the start of the project is necessary. It will keep marks off the concrete, it will make it easier to clean and it provides a protective layer.

On completion, you will have a professionally finished, quality exposed aggregate concrete job, that will both enhance your lifestyle and add value to your home.

Call the friendly team at Panorama Concrete on 08 8297 9611 to discuss why our expertise in installing exposed aggregate will cost you less in the long run. We have many years experience and we know the steps to making sure the end result will add value to your home.