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3 Low-Maintenance Driveway Ideas for Adelaide Homes

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Coloured Concrete Options


Choosing a concrete design for your driveway which combines both function and style requires forethought and planning. There are many factors to consider including how you will be using the driveway today, and in the future if you’re thinking about home modifications, and whether children will be using it to play or ride bikes.

Another important consideration is how much maintenance you are happy to do. Some concrete styles require more maintenance than others. Following you’ll find three stylish concrete solutions for driveways to suit both modern and traditional homes around Adelaide which require less work to maintain.

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1. Exposed aggregate concrete driveway – our Milled Finish

At Panorama Concrete, we offer a wide range of exposed aggregate styles for driveways including the Benchmark range which includes a variety of stones and pebbles but no colour pigment, the Platinum range which has colour pigment added, and a Custom range which allows you to mix and match specific blends of colour pigment and stones to achieve a tailored finish.

If you’re after a low maintenance exposed aggregate concrete driveway, then the Milled Finish has some important benefits.

Our Milled Finish exposed aggregate is an upmarket, sleek, and sophisticated style crafted with very fine exposure of stone that is smoother to walk on than a standard exposed aggregate finish. The benefit of a smoother surface is that sweeping it clean is much easier. Another significant benefit is that unlike a driveway laid with individual pavers, there are no weeds popping their heads out from in between the pavers! If you’ve ever had pavers to maintain before, you will know that this is a never-ending maintenance job.

low maintenance driveway

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2. Integral colour concrete driveways

Once upon a time, coloured concrete was a slab of concrete painted with your choice of colour. Regular repainting every so often was necessary to keep it looking new. Today, integral colour concrete is concrete infused with coloured pigment so that the colour has depth and richness and is long lasting, remaining uniform even if there is wear and tear or abrasion on the concrete.

Integral colour has come a long way since it was introduced in the early 2000’s with a range of over 30 pigments and oxides now available to create anything from a rustic and traditional, to a smooth and modern concrete design.

Like all our concrete paving styles, there is no weeding needed and no subsidence to worry about.  All you need to do to keep it looking clean is to give it a sweep and perhaps an occasional wash down with a high pressure hose.  Because integral colour concrete has colour right through the concrete, some people choose to save money by not including sealer when the concrete paving is originally installed.  However, for sun protection as well as protection from oil and chemical spills, bird droppings etc, there are good reasons to seal the paving every few years.

Coloured Concrete Options

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3. Handcrafted saw-cut concrete driveways

Our handcrafted saw-cut range is exactly as the name implies. A few days after we lay your chosen concrete colour and style, we return to hand cut squares or rectangles. This achieves a smooth and sleek appearance and looks like high end pavers or tiles but without the weeds and movement that can happen with paver blocks.

As with all our concrete paving, handcrafted saw-cut paving is reinforced with steel mesh and can take vehicles up to 3 tonnes in weight, which includes cars, utes, delivery vans and some light two-axle trucks. Even better, it’s cost effective compared to individual pavers which often require installing a concrete base first and then laying pavers on top. There is no weeding or subsidence, making it an excellent low maintenance option for driveways and quite a classy one too.

Handcrafted Saw-Cut Concrete Decorative Paving

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Sealing the concrete

Panorama Concrete can seal your paving for you or if you’re comfortable with DIY, you can buy the sealer from us and do it yourself. We’ll provide instructions and advice for a good result. Applying a concrete sealer does make the driveway easier to sweep, keeps the concrete looking as new, highlights the stone and pebble hues, and reduces wear and tear. Therefore, there are many good reasons to seal your concrete and your driveway will be easier to sweep and keep clean.

There are different types of sealers for different concrete finishes.  Solvent based silicone sealers will give the surface a smoother finish and offer the most protection from oil and chemical stains. These sealers are especially recommended for Exposed Aggregate finishes which can look a little dull and dusty without a solvent based sealer.  These sealers also enhance and protect coloured concrete and the Handcrafted finishes as well as the stamped finishes.

The colour enhancing effect of solvent based sealers does darken the overall look of the paving. Penetrating sealers on the other hand will not change the appearance of the paving at all and will give some protection from stains. They are often used on pool decks and other smooth areas which could become a little slippery when wet.

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Contact Panorama Concrete to discuss low maintenance options for your driveway

Panorama Concrete has the only concrete display centre in Adelaide where you can view a range of stamped concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, patterned concrete and coloured styles. We’ve outlined three low maintenance driveway options above, but there are many other options depending on your home, the style and texture you’re after. Pop into our showroom at 1 Maple Avenue, Forestville, on weekdays between 8.30am-5.30pm, or call us on 8297 9611 for a no obligation discussion about your concrete driveway.