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7 Ways to Complement Your Traditional or Heritage Home With Beautiful Concrete Styles

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Cobble Finish – Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete or pattern pave, exposed aggregate concrete and coloured concrete are decorative concrete styles that can be used on their own or in combination to complement traditional or heritage homes.

At Panorama Concrete we have a wide range and plenty of experience to help you if you’re about to embark on a new concrete project. Stamped concrete offers a cobblestone range for natural beauty to enhance the perfect cottage garden. Our slate patterned range suits a more Mediterranean villa style. The handcrafted sawcut range is a sleek and smooth concrete style for people who want more simplicity, and integral colour concrete offers over thirty different colours to mix and match for a more uniform look and feel.

Here are 7 ideas to design a concrete driveway, pathway or patio in a traditional or heritage home.

1. Cobblestone stamped concrete for driveways and pathways

Cobblestone stamped concrete or pattern pave is well suited to heritage or traditional homes, for both driveways and pathways. The cobblestone range is available in different shapes and sizes, and a choice of colours to blend or contrast with your home.

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Cobble Finish – Stamped Concrete


2. Slate stamped concrete for a rustic style

Slate stamped concrete is a timeless style which offers the beauty of natural slate combined with the structural strength of concrete.

Our Ashler Slate range is a little more rustic and complements traditional and heritage homes constructed of sandstone or bluestone. We often use this decorative paving style on pathways and in patios and it provides a striking contrast.

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Slate finish - Stamped Concrete


3. Slate stamped concrete for the patio – a Mediterranean style

Slate decorative paving is a good option for indoor patios or where the indoors meets the outdoors. Slate is available in both light and dark colours. Darker colours are generally suited to driveways and will minimise cleaning and maintenance and lighter colours are better for patios to create a more expansive area, or a larger sense of space.

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Slate finish - Stamped Concrete


4. Tiled patterns for driveways and patios

Our tiled stamped concrete range is versatile, neat and tidy if you like tiles. But no weeding between the tiles is required! They can be nicely mixed and matched with other concrete styes such as colour concrete to create sections or borders in your driveway or pathways. A range of colours is available to suit your home’s unique style.

Slate finish - Stamped Concrete


Cobbled and Tiled

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Decorative concrete driveways – add value and function for a long time to come



5. Integral colour concrete

You may prefer a simpler or more subtle concrete style to complement your home’s heritage appeal. Integral coloured concrete is a ideal for clients who want an easy to maintain driveway, with a uniform and simple appearance.

Integral colour concrete has a range of pigments and oxides available in more than thirty different colours to choose from.

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Coloured Concrete Options


6. Handcrafted saw-cut concrete is a wonderful option for a traditional-style home

If you prefer a smooth and sleek style, our handcrafted saw-cut range looks like high end pavers or tiles but without the weeds and movement that can happen with paver blocks.

Handcrafted finishes are ideal for driveways and patios in traditional homes.

Pattern sizes can be 300mm or 600mm in size. The smaller patterns are better suited to heritage homes. You begin with a concrete slab which can be a single colour or an exposed aggregate milled finish. We return a few days after the initial slab has been poured to hand cut square or rectangular patterns into the concrete.

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Hand Crafted Saw Cut


7. 22 steps to a cobbled concrete paving finish for a traditional or heritage home

Stamped Concrete refers to the process of using concrete patterns from moulds, to create a specific style for driveways, patios or pathways. We’ve laid stamped concrete in hundreds of homes around Adelaide which still look as good today as they did when we first installed them many years ago.

We’ve shared the 22 steps to installing stamped concrete to last you a lifetime, because when the process is done correctly, your concrete will age and take on the elements of its environment and will retain its beauty for many years.

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Cobble Finish – Stamped Concrete


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Talk to the Adelaide concrete experts for ideas to last you a lifetime

Call our friendly team for a no obligation chat about your heritage or traditional home and start exploring ideas for your concrete project.

We take into consideration your lifestyle, family needs and function during the process of deciding what concrete style best suits you. Phone us on 08 8297 9611 or visit our display centre at 1 Maple Avenue, Forestville. We’re open Monday to Friday, 8.30am-5.30pm and we have many concrete styles on display for you to view. Once you decide to work with Panorama Concrete, you can take a small sample of concrete home to view in your home’s natural light which will help you make the right decision.