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An Adelaide concrete company with a one stop shop Project Management service

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Tiles with Exposed Aggregate

Panorama Concrete is a one stop Adelaide concrete company which provides a total service for concrete projects. When you choose us, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that one supplier is taking care of all your project’s needs. Concrete projects most often require more than just laying the concrete, with the coordination of a few different trades such as landscaping, retaining walls and drainage, to complete the project. Trying to coordinate these trades yourself can be difficult and you can’t guarantee that jobs will be done on time and in preparation for the next trade to do their part of the project.

But with Panorama Concrete Adelaide, you don’t need to worry about that.

Our Project Management Service delivers a complete concrete project from start to end. We coordinate all the required trades, keep the project on track, and ensure that the work is done to an excellent standard of quality. Our commitment is to ensure your project is delivered to a specified time frame and budget as agreed. It means peace of mind for you while we take care of all the details.

Our Project Management service for Adelaide concrete projects includes the following:

Site preparation

Preparing the site for the laying of concrete is essential for a quality result. Site preparation includes removing existing surfaces with attention to the soil type, the property’s slope and other characteristics. This ensures we’ve taken into account all aspects of the project plan so that we’re not met with any surprises on the day. Our detailed site preparation plans will make sure your job goes smoothly, with the right tools and trades available on the day so that your project is completed on time and on budget.

Concrete steps

Large concrete jobs often require concrete steps at junctions. If required, we’ll install these as part of the job in any shape or number. Concrete steps can be patterned, coloured and textured to suit the concrete project.


You may need landscaping as well as gardening and concrete paving. You might be planning for a backyard pergola, gazebo, a fire pit or BBQ area along with new turf, trees and plants. We’ll review your outdoor plans and arrange for the landscaping and gardening to be completed so when the time comes to pour the concrete, it will be the right time and won’t interfere with the new landscaping.


We’ll assess your storm water drainage and ensure that the concrete laid is done in such a way that it effectively drains water away from your home. Planning for good drainage is essential to the long term sustainability of your home. If neglected, you’ll have all sorts of problems with water seeping and collecting in areas of you home where it can potentially create long term structural damage. We pay close attention to drainage, as once concrete is laid it is difficult to fix drainage problems without a large expense.

Retaining walls and small curbs

When landscaping a back or front yard, curbs and small retaining walls are required to lay the concrete and complete the project. We’ll design and install these as the project requires and once again coordinate all trades.

Concrete paving

We have a wide range of concrete paving solutions and decorative concrete finishes including Exposed Aggregate, Stamped Concrete, Coloured and plain finishes, Milled finishes, Sawcut tile finishes. Each one has a different style and design with many features to choose from such as the colours and pigmentation, smooth or rough textures depending on whether it’s needed for a driveway or patio, and various decorative patterns for modern or traditional homes.

Moss rock placement and moss rock walls

If your garden has moss rocks or rocks as part of your landscaping, we’ll make sure these are placed as required for the most beautiful and appealing results!

Artificial turf

If you want to add a splash of green but don’t want the maintenance, we’ll source, supply and install artificial turf. We partner with quality manufacturers of artificial turf in Adelaide who provide warranties and good back up.


Your garden may require mulching for weed control or to keep the soil moist during the hot and dry months of summer. We’ll source a variety of different mulch types and lay the mulch as required.

Installing letterboxes

We won’t forget your letterbox! There are all sorts of letterboxes to choose from such as concrete, metal, timber, mounted, integrated, and more. We’ll help you choose the right letterbox for your property and arrange supply and installation.

Concrete sealing

Last but not least, we will also seal your concrete to protect it against stains, and general daily activities. Sealing also enhances the natural concrete colours. Concrete sealing is not essential, but it will maintain your concrete’s new and fresh look for longer. You can also seal your concrete later and if you feel like rolling your sleeves up and doing the work yourself, we sell a range of concrete sealers.

A one stop shop service – Panorama Concrete will project manage your complete back and front yard concrete installation for a stress-free job

Our experienced Adelaide concrete team are qualified to provide a complete concrete project from start to finish. You don’t need to worry about running around trying to coordinate the landscaping, paving, artificial turf, steps, drainage or retaining walls – we’ll do all of this for you.

Our commitment is to deliver you a back or front yard concrete project finished to a high standard, on time and on budget. You’ll be working with one provider – that’s us – for all your needs, and we’ll make sure you’re happy with the result.

Call our friendly team to discuss your front and backyard plans today on 8297 9611.