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Bank Street Adelaide made pedestrian friendly with Panorama Concrete Paving

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Bank Street, Adelaide

One of our very special concrete paving projects of 2017 was the Bank Street project in the city of Adelaide. The upgrade to this street was part of the State Government’s $15 million upgrade to laneways linking the Central Market to the Festival Centre which includes Bank Street, Leigh Street, Topham Mall, Bentham Street, and Pitt Street.

Bank Street Adelaide Made Pedestrian Friendly With Panorama Concrete Paving
This corridor of streets and laneways is currently used by 15,000 people per day

The vision for Bank Street, which has always been a business thoroughfare, was to create a vibrant, attractive street with lighting, seating and public art, encouraging people to use it as a destination place, contributing to a more vibrant city atmosphere.

Our job was to create attractive concrete paving that provided both beauty and function to Bank Street.

Months of working with Adelaide City Council to create a special aggregate concrete mix

Before we started the Bank Street project, we spent months working with Adelaide City Council to develop a special concrete/aggregate mix that met their specific needs.

We invited the council to Panorama’s showroom in Forestville where we had created a 20 m2 sample of concrete once we’d narrowed down the selection. They ended up choosing our Milled Finish Exposed Aggregate using black granite aggregate to give a unique look.

The benefits of concrete paving without the problems of subsidence and weeds

Once the concrete paving was laid and cured enough, we returned to hand cut the squares and rectangles into the surface in order to achieve the concrete paver look the council required. The Council were able to achieve the benefit of an attractive paved thoroughfare which could handle the weight of large trucks if required whilst remaining pedestrian friendly.

One of the many great benefits of concrete pattern paving is no weeds or subsidence, so the paving will always look well kept and tidy.

The result is an attractive and functional roadway through Bank Street, combining concrete aggregate hand-cut into patterns to match the pavers around the edge. There are more examples of the Handcrafted Finishes we have installed around residential and commercial properties in Adelaide on our website

We are proud of our commercial projects and the contribution we have made to creating more beauty in Adelaide. Have a look at our projects at the Adelaide Airport and the Adelaide Convention Centre. We are currently installing exposed aggregate paving around the Adelaide Festival Centre.

For commercial and residential concrete paving needs, please call the team at Panorama Concrete on 08 8297 9611.