Platinum Range – Exposed Aggregate Concrete

The Platinum range of exposed aggregate concrete comes with a large range of integral concrete colour options as well as the widest selection of stone finishes.

Choose an exposed aggregate mix that closely matches your home’s modern or traditional style with colours, pebbles, stones and a variety of other options.

Stones and pebbles come in a variety of colours to suit your home’s style. As well as adding colour, the seeding pebbles will also provide a smoother finish to walk and play on.

Care must be taken however, because when seeding is too dense, it can make the finish slippery when wet. Panorama Concrete will ensure that you get the right amount of seeding added.

Platinum Range - Exposed Aggregate Concrete

More than 20 examples of this range in our display centre at Forestville

Look at the range of colours we have in our coloured concrete section for an idea on available colours but there are also many more colours to choose from at our display site in Forestville.
We also have many examples of the Platinum exposed aggregate range on display or our consultants can give you addresses of some of our projects for you to visit.