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Consider stamped concrete or decorative pattern pave for your driveway

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Slate finish - Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete or pattern pave styles are an attractive, versatile and cost effective option for concrete driveways. Stamped concrete, or pattern pave, can bring a stunning new dimension and texture to the outside of your home.

Below are examples of stamped concrete driveways. We have used slate, cobblestone and tile finishes in lighter sandstone colours and darker colours. The various combinations of using texture, coloured or non-coloured concrete suit traditional, heritage and contemporary homes.

Slate finish - Stamped Concrete
Cobble Finish – Stamped Concrete
Tile Finish - Stamped Concrete

Create a customised style for your stamped concrete driveway

Stamped concrete can be customised to create your own pattern that blends with your home’s features. For example, you can lay a coloured concrete border around a tiled stamped concrete driveway as shown above.

Stamped concrete patterns suit different functions. Smoother finishes create flatter surfaces and uneven surfaces provide for more grip and texture.

There are colour and design combinations for both traditional and modern houses. Stamped concrete designs have been used in Adelaide homes to create a Mediterranean Aegean style pool and patio area, a cobblestone street reminding us of Rome or an old English manor. We have also seen stamped concrete finishes complement modern and contemporary homes.

How do we install stamped concrete?

The site is prepared and the formwork is installed. The paving team then pour the concrete into the formwork and trowel the concrete to a smooth, even level. When the concrete has cured enough, polyurethane moulds (stamps) are placed over the surface to create the pattern and texture.

Why do our clients choose stamped concrete for their driveways?

  • It provides affordable quality and great value for money
  • It is solid and strong and will remain in place for many years.
  • It handles heavy use and is designed for cars, boats, small trucks and caravans to drive on
  • There are no weeds or subsidence so very little maintenance require

Another benefit of stamped concrete is camouflaged control joints

Control joints in stamped concrete are saw-cut joints rather than tooled or bar joints.

In the past control joints in concrete were placed to help limit cracking using bars to cut into the concrete paving. They were much more noticeable in the paving.

Now control joints are saw-cut into the concrete slab after it has cured slightly and are camouflaged compared to bar joints. Australian Standard AS 3727.1:2016 Pavements Residential deems that either type of control joint placed correctly is suitable for concrete paving.

Handcrafted saw-cut concrete is also a great option for driveways

Our handcrafted saw-cut concrete finish is smooth and modern creating an upmarket sleek finish. Once we have poured the concrete base and allowed it to harden, our specialist team will come back to saw-cut square or rectangular patterns into the top of the slab.

The pattern sizes vary from 600mm to 300mm in size. Larger patterns will create a more expansive look and smaller patterns may suit heritage homes.

This handcrafted saw-cut style is an alternative to stamped concrete and exposed aggregate for driveways. It is similar to high end quality pavers or tiles but it has the long term benefit of little maintenance, with no weeds or subsidence.

Call Panorama Concrete to discuss stamped concrete designs for your driveway

Call Panorama Concrete Paving on 8297 9611 or pop into our showroom at 1 Maple Street, Forestville to view our stamped concrete samples. Bring your plans in and we can help you design a stamped concrete finish that will complement your home and give you function and style for many years to come.