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Decorative concrete ideas for heritage homes

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Cobble Finish – Stamped Concrete

Decorative concrete for heritage homes has always been a popular choice for driveways, pathways and patios because of its numerous benefits.

Decorative concrete paving, or stamped concrete, is essentially concrete that has been stamped or saw-cut to create a specific style and design, Decorative concrete or stamped concrete has many benefits:

  • There are various different decorative concrete designs to choose from – cobblestone, slate, sandstone, Mediterranean, handcrafted saw-cut – which makes it easier to match heritage, traditional or a classic homes
  • There is no subsidence with decorative concrete paving
  • It is low maintenance, no weeding is needed
  • It is cost effective compared to laying concrete pavers and still looks as good if not better.

For anyone who has enough garden and home to maintain, why add more maintenance to your to-do list? Wouldn’t you rather be looking after your hedges and roses? Decorative concrete paving requires very little maintenance and will look as good as it did the day it was installed for many years to come. All you need to do is an occasional reseal to make it easier to clean and to keep discolouring at a minimum.

Ideas for heritage or classic homes

There are many ways to compliment an older style home with concrete paving and choosing the right style will beautifully blend in with your home and garden. Here are some ideas to consider.

European Cobble Decorative Paving – Driveway

Our European cobble styles replicate the look of cobble streets of yesteryear. They provide a tough, serviceable, driveway and entrance to this Adelaide Hills heritage home.

Cobble Finish – Stamped Concrete

European Cobble Decorative Paving – Pathways

European cobble decorative paving is also used for this particular home’s pathways, planted with hedges in between. Rustic and organic always make an attractive combination.

Cobble Finish – Stamped Concrete

Ashler Slate Concrete Paving

Ashler Slate is a little more rustic and perfectly complements this heritage home. We used this decorative paving style on all the pathways surrounding the home.

Slate finish - Stamped Concrete

Mediterranean Slate Concrete Paving – Driveway

Mediterranean Slate decorative paving is used on this driveway and provides a striking colour contrast to the light coloured stone on the walls of this house, matching the traditional texture of the home.

Stamped Concrete

Mediterranean Slate Concrete Paving – Conservatory

The Mediterranean Slate provides an attractive look, durability, and easy maintenance for the floor and entertaining area in this conservatory.

Slate finish - Stamped Concrete

Handcrafted Milled Saw-Cut Concrete Paving

For an alternative clean, uncluttered look our Handcrafted Milled finishes have been used very successfully around older style houses. The light taupe colour used in this Milled Handcrafted patio blends well with red brick surrounding walls.

Our handcrafted milled finishes are created by saw-cutting a concrete base into your chosen design and it provides a smooth and sleek appearance which looks like high end pavers or tiles but without the weeds and movement that can happen with paver blocks.

Milled and Sandblasted - Exposed Aggregate Concrete

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You will be delighted at the range and versatility of decorative paving and the designs that you can choose from for your driveways, patios or pathways.