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Exposed Aggregate Concrete – How Creative Can I Get?

By June 17, 2019 August 21st, 2019 No Comments
Platinum Range - Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Are you looking to install aggregate concrete for your driveway, walkways or patio? You already know that exposed aggregate concrete is great, because it’s incredibly durable, easy to maintain and perfect to install on steep slopes. But did you also know that it is an incredibly flexible material that allows for a great range of creativity?

There are many ways you can use custom designs to add flare and aesthetics to your home. We’ll go over them here to give you the inspiration you need to make some great new changes in your home.

Choose from a Collection of Colours

Aggregates are available in a range of different natural colours, including white, green, gold, tan, black, grey, mid brown, pink and variegated hues. This gives you the flexibility to choose the right colour concrete to suit your home’s exterior. View some samples of the colours and pigments you can choose between here.

Stones and Pebbles Give Distinction

You can also change the colours and provide a unique design by adding coloured stones or smooth pebbles. The process of adding these concrete accessories is called “seeding.” The stones and pebbles ore seeded to the top of the wet concrete to create different looks to the finished product. This gives you ultimate control over the creative process. You can even create custom designs from the stones, like spirals or other shapes.

Add a Tile Perimeter

Add a bit of contrast, design and extra colour to your exposed aggregate concrete by installing tile or slate inserts. You can create a perimeter or install decorative lines through the middle of the concrete.

Get a Sleek, Sophisticated Look

You can have all the benefits of exposed aggregate concrete with a more upmarket, sleek and sophisticated look by choosing milled or sandblast finishes.

These finishes are crafted with fine exposures of stone and are smoother to walk on. You can even have them saw cut to look just like pavers but with all the advantages of concrete. These finishes are best for spaces like outdoor entertaining areas, where normal exposed aggregate finishes may be too uneven for tables or your children’s feet. You can even add a sealing coat that will protect better against food and drink.

Mix and Match

You can custom create your exposed aggregate with a range of colours, pigmentations and stones. Consider using this flexibility to your advantage and mixing it up. Try having two styles installed next to each other in an interesting design! Saw cut some of the concrete into pavers and lay different colours next to each one interchangeably. Or lay down exposed aggregate in the Benchmark range of colours with a perimeter in the Platinum range of colours.

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