Exposed Aggregate Concrete Pathways and Driveways

The benefits of exposed aggregate concrete:

  • Suits steep driveways and undulating landscapes
  • The level of exposure can be varied to give a smoother finish
  • Can be poured in various designs and colours
  • Is tough, strong and durable
  • Requires little maintenance

We have a range of exposed aggregate concrete finishes to suit your property which combine colour and texture to suit the purpose of the area to be installed.

Please see our Benchmark RangePlatinum Range, Custom Range, Milled Handcrafted Range for more information.

Exposed Aggregate
Benchmark Range

Benchmark Range

Platinum Range - Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Platinum Range

Custom Range - Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Custom Range

Tile Inserts - Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Tile Inserts

Milled And Sandblasted

Milled Finishes

What is exposed aggregate?

Exposed Aggregate concrete is a decorative style of concrete suitable for driveways, pathways and patios. It’s tough, strong and durable and works well installed on either steep slopes or flat sites.

Exposed aggregate concrete mixes are available in a range of colours including white, green, gold, tan, black grey, mid brown, pink and variegated hues. Add integral colour and pebbles to create a different hue or texture. See below for our exposed aggregate concrete ranges.

Once the exposed aggregate mix is poured on the prepared site, a specialised industry-grade retardant is applied to the surface of the concrete. This will be removed after the concrete has cured to reveal the aggregate near the surface resulting in a natural and vibrant aggregate finish.

Choosing the colour and texture of exposed aggregate concrete

To create a certain hue or texture, coloured stones and smooth pebbles are “seeded” to the top of the wet concrete. Coloured pigments can be added to the exposed aggregate mix to achieve a wide variety of different hues. To see examples of coloured pigments available please visit our Coloured Concrete page.

The level of exposure of the aggregates can be varied to give a smoother or more textured surface to walk on depending upon requirements. The introduction of river pebbles can also achieve a smoother surface but care must be taken when adding river pebbles – too many grouped together will cause the paving to become slippery after rain.

The texture you choose will depend on the use of the area. If you are laying exposed aggregate onto a driveway with vehicle traffic, you may want a rougher finish for better traction, but if you have small children riding bikes or you are entertaining in the patio, you may prefer a smoother finish.

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