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Panorama Concrete Adelaide – A one stop shop for your concrete project

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Installing a new concrete driveway, walkways or a patio at home often involves much more than just laying the concrete. At Panorama Concrete Adelaide, we offer a one stop shop service which means you don’t have to run around looking for other suppliers to do those additional things needed when installing concrete.

Panorama Concrete Adelaide will help you with the following:

Do you need to install a fence?

There are many aspects of a concrete project to consider when installing a fence and vice versa. We work with fencing companies in Adelaide, collaborating to manage your concrete project so that the end result is complete and integrated. Talk to us about your fencing needs and we make sure that both the fence and concrete are complementary to each other

Will you need a retaining wall?

If your concrete project needs a retaining wall, the team at Panorama Concrete Adelaide will install smaller retaining walls up to about a metre height. For anything larger you will need to go to a company specialising in retaining walls.

How much of your garden will be impacted by the concrete installation?

We will advise on pathways through your garden that will help make the garden look more inviting, For example, we suggest pathway styles, edges, shapes and textures, and whether a shaped, curved or straight pathway would suit your garden and home.

For example, have a look at our blog “5 creative concrete ideas for patios and pathways”.

Do you need white ant treatment?

We organise white ant treatment if needed before the concrete project begins to ensure that there are no unwanted surprises in the future.

Stormwater drainage

We advise you on stormwater drainage and build this into your concrete project if necessary to ensure that proper drainage happens after your concrete is installed.

Artificial lawns

Artificial lawns are sought after for their low maintenance and the fact they always look green! The water drainage of an artificial lawn needs to be carefully considered so it is a good time to plan for this when laying concrete. The team at Panorama Concrete Adelaide will arrange a quote and installation of artificial lawns through our local suppliers.

Lights installed in concrete

Lights installed into the sides of concrete driveways to light the way up or down a driveway.

Call Panorama Concrete Adelaide for a One Stop Shop Service

With 30+ years in the industry, we know our clients appreciate that we look after their project from start to finish, and include all additional services needed to successfully install their concrete.

Panorama Concrete Adelaide Customer Service Standards mean that we do our best to complete your project with minimal fuss and within a time frame that suits you. Call us today on 8297 9611 for a chat with our friendly team.