Residential Concrete Paving Ideas

Ready to move into your new home? Get your concrete done before the rain sets in!

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Slate finish - Stamped Concrete

Adelaide and Hobart are the only cities in Australia that have not been affected by the recent real estate decline. In fact, Adelaide has seen an increase in property prices of 0.1% and Hobart, 0.7%. Not the sort of growth we have been used to but certainly better than going backwards.

With this sort of confidence continuing in Adelaide’s real estate, despite what is happening interstate, it is a good a time as ever to invest in your home and complete your concrete projects.

If you have just completed your new home, you might be thinking about delaying the installation of your concrete until spring. But there are good reasons to get your concrete done at the start of winter. As we have always said to our clients over the years – get your concrete in before the rain sets in! We are heading into winter and rainy days across Adelaide, and you don’t want muddy footprints traipsing through your new home on new tiles and carpets.

Below we have compiled concrete ideas for brand new homes, where you have a fresh clean slate and can get creative with a design and style you that you want. Have a look at our ideas below and visit our showroom which has many samples on display and a team of experts to discuss your project with you.

Front yard ideas – concrete pathways, walkways, driveways

Concrete can be installed with style, function and design working together to produce a result that will make the most of the outdoor spaces of your home.

At Panorama Concrete we supply exposed aggregate concrete, stamped or pattern pave concrete, and handcrafted saw-cut concrete. With these ranges, concrete need not be a simple slab of one uniform colour or texture, it can be a combination to add flair and interest – but always with function in mind.

Coloured concrete combinations

Coloured concrete works well when combined with stamped concrete patterns, or by itself for shed floors or concrete driveways. For example, a driveway can be laid in coloured concrete with a different coloured border. We can also provide a brick edge border to add an extra design feature either in the same colour as the rest of the concrete paving or in a different colour. Coloured concrete on its own or as a combination of colours is one of our more cost-effective options.

Coloured Concrete

Exposed aggregate with tiled borders

Instead of laying exposed aggregate on your driveway as one uniform slab, you can add tile inserts which are available in a variety of colours to contrast with the exposed aggregate mix that you have chosen. Tile inserts can be added as borders, as a pattern inside the slab itself, or to separate different sections of your front yard.

Tile Inserts - Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Coloured concrete and stamped concrete combinations

The combination of coloured concrete and stamped concrete works very well to define an area and tie in the design elements of a contemporary home. For example, a coloured concrete main slab can be completely transformed and made more beautiful with a stamped concrete border in a contrasting colour.

You can also have the reverse with a stamped concrete main driveway and a coloured concrete border to define the driveway.

Slate finish - Stamped Concrete

Exposed aggregate stepping stones with pebbles

A pathway made of stepping stones all the way to the front door, filled in with pebbles adds interest and texture to this new home’s front yard. The colour of the pebbles can contrast with the stepping stones and there is very little maintenance.

You may also want to add some greenery in between the stepping stones for an organic touch and there are shrubs that stay small and are hardy for this purpose. Mondo grass is often used but your local nursery will be able to advise you on other types.

Platinum Range - Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposed aggregate concrete borders to define your lawns

Exposed aggregate in this example has been laid as a driveway and extended to border the two sections of the lawn. The same exposed aggregate has been used and it is an attractive and uniform extension of the driveway and front yard landscape, defining the space.

Custom Range - Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Back yard ideas – concrete pathways, patios

Coloured concrete tiles bordering exposed aggregate

This combination of concrete works well to define landscaped gardens, pathways or sections of the garden that are part of the overall landscape designs and give varying dimensions, texture and space to your backyard. These photos show how Mondo grass was also used to separate out the sections. This idea can be extended to pathways and walkways.

Tile Inserts - Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposed aggregate and strips of coloured concrete

Pathways need not be just simple pathways but can use colour or patterns for interest. This pathway has been separated into sections with coloured concrete strips. The coloured concrete strips can also be replaced with tile inserts. This breaks up one long uniform section of concrete into smaller sections.

Benchmark Range

Exposed aggregate stepping stones with pebbles

Walkways up the side of your home can be created cost effectively and with a touch of flair by using stepping stones with pebbles surrounding them. This combination requires very little maintenance and creates a multi-dimensional style.

Benchmark Range

Handcrafted saw-cut concrete ideas

Our handcrafted saw-cut concrete range is well suited to the new modern homes of Adelaide. It is sleek in appearance and can be installed with an exposed aggregate base or a coloured concrete base. It can be used for driveways, pathways and patios. It has the appearance of a high-end pavers but without the weeds and subsidence so it is far less effort to maintain.

To install handcrafted saw-cut concrete, an integral coloured concrete mix is poured. The mix can be an exposed concrete mix which means that small amounts of pebbles will show through or a plain coloured concrete mix with a smudge finish to give some traction to the smooth finish. Once the concrete has cured we return to cut rectangles or squares into the top so that the finish looks like high end pavers or tiles but without any chance of widening gaps and weeds growing through.

Panorama Concrete are experts in this particular style of concrete and have many examples of it throughout homes in Adelaide. One of our larger installations is in Bank Street, Adelaide which was installed with our Milled Handcrafted Sawcut Exposed Aggregate. We are currently installing a similar finish in Gawler Place in the city.

Handcrafted Saw-Cut Concrete Decorative Paving

Don’t wait for spring – get your concrete in before the rain sets in!

The start of winter is a good time to lay your concrete. We work around wet weather and other elements and do our best to complete your project within your required time frame to the best of our ability. We cannot control heavy rain which continues for long periods but we do have several concrete teams to start and finish projects.

This does mean though that you might be subject to longer waiting periods at this time of year because when the weather clears up our concrete teams have to finish the work they have already started and then catch up on the rest of the projects already in the queue before they start your project. A good reason to book you job in early!

Call Panorama Concrete Adelaide today for your new home project

Call the friendly team at Panorama Concrete Adelaide today on 08 82979611 to discuss your new home. Our showroom at 1 Maple Avenue in Forestville has many samples on display to help you design your concrete pathways, walkways and driveways. No mud traipsing through this new home thank you!