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Renovating the backyard? 5 ways to use concrete to create function and style

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Handcrafted Saw-Cut Concrete Decorative Paving

Aussies love their backyards

One thing we know at Panorama Concrete Adelaide is that we Aussies really love our backyards.

Whether it’s beautifully landscaped with a pool or gazebo as the central feature, or a vegetable patch and trampoline in the back corner, around 25 per cent of Australians spend seven or more hours a week in their backyard.

The Australian climate is conducive to outdoor entertaining and with gas heaters in winter, the backyard is now a natural extension of the home all year round.

It was once more common to have a big backyard with an expanse of lawn and there was always a barbeque where summers would be spent playing sport and enjoying a laugh over a sausage and a beer with family and friends. The traditional lawn backyard has now made way to landscaped entertainment areas which merge indoor with outdoor living. Between the size of backyards shrinking and much of the population spending more hours at work, many homeowners are now replacing all or part of their lawns with decking or concrete paving.

According to the annual Adbri Masonry Great Australian Backyard survey, 63 per cent of homeowners are planning new improvements or projects for their backyards, and 32 per cent believe a good backyard is essential for adding value to their home.

Styles to consider when renovating the backyard

1. Handcrafted saw-cut concrete

Upmarket high end concrete pavers can be quite expensive. For good results they need extensive and professional site preparation. Handcrafted saw-cut concrete paving is an excellent alternative. Not only does it provide a smooth stylish and modern result which is suitable for outdoor entertaining areas and patios, it has many benefits over concrete pavers.

Handcrafted Saw-Cut Concrete Decorative Paving2. Smooth exposed aggregate finishes

Different textures, colours and hues are achieved with stones or pebbles that are seeded into the concrete. We have many different stones in a variety of colours including white, green, gold, tan, black, grey, brown and pink to suit your home’s style.

As well as adding colour, the right type of seeding stones will also give a smoother finish to walk, stand and play on.

3. Rough exposed aggregate finishes

If there are areas in your backyard that need a little more grip, especially if you have a sloping or steep yard to that is used to park a boat or caravan when you’re not entraining, then you need a rougher aggregate with dense stones and pebbles. However the amount of density can be controlled so that it still useable and functional as an entertaining area when you leave the boat outside and the space free for a party or BBQ.

4. Stamped concrete

Stamped concrete or decorative concrete is both versatile and durable for back yards. With so many designs, you can create a Mediterranean patio or cobblestone firepit area, a Tuscan pergola or a modern and sleek BBQ area.

Stamped concrete lasts a lifetime and there are no weeds or subsidence with this style of concrete as there are with concrete pavers.

Slate finish - Stamped Concrete5. Coloured concrete

Concrete can be coloured in a variety of integral colours with pigment for a rustic or modern look. Integral colour concrete has come a long way since it was introduced in the early 2000’s. There are now a range of pigments and oxides to create anything from a rustic and traditional style to a smooth and modern concrete design.

Renovating the backyard? Visit Panorama’s Concrete Display Centre

Our concrete display centre in Forestville, Adelaide has many concrete samples on display – stamped concrete, exposed aggregate and more. Our clients will often take home a sample to check colours in their natural environment before making a final selection.

We’ll help you come up with ideas for renovating your back yard using a one style of concrete or a mix of styles for texture and interest. Our friendly consultants will help you create a back yard that you’ll love spending time in!

Call us on 08 82979611 or visit us at 1 Maple Avenue, Forestville, Adelaide.