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The benefits of sealing your concrete

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Why seal your concrete?

Sealing your concrete will keep your concrete looking fresh for years to come. Even though concrete is a tough and durable product, it is still subject to wear and tear from natural elements and general daily use.

Sealing can be done on both exposed aggregate concrete, stamped concrete and integral colour concrete. Using a sealer provides a protective layer and has the following benefits:

Stain protection

We enjoy outdoor lifestyles in Adelaide spending time through summer and winter in our backyards. We often have more than one car, boats, trailers and campers on our driveways. We like to entertain outdoors. All this activity takes a toll on the concrete. Sealers will make the concrete paving less porous which means that stains from oil leaks, grease, tyre rubber, leaves and red wine should not penetrate beneath the concrete surface.

Fresh and new appearance with slip resistance

Your concrete will remain fresh and new in appearance for longer after being sealed.  Sealers usually have a slightly glossy appearance when newly applied but will drop back to a more natural matt finish fairly quickly. Products are available to be added to sealers to produce a more slip-resistant finish for sloping driveways and paths.

Easier to clean

When sealer is applied to your concrete it is easier to sweep and keep clean as the added layer of sealer makes it smoother.

How often does concrete need to be sealed?

When concrete is sealed, water will bead on the surface like the exterior of a new car but the beading will disappear within a couple of weeks.  Frequency of sealing depends on the individual. Sometimes people will seal only once and some of our clients will seal their concrete every couple of years. Whether you decide to seal regularly or not, it’s good to know that if you are doing some house or garden renovations in the future which might affect the condition of your concrete paving, you will be able to bring your paving back to mint condition relatively easily with a reseal.

Sealing Concrete Services  Concrete maintenance

Professional resealing or DIY – Panorama Concrete Adelaide can help

Option 1 – Panorama Concrete can do your resealing for you

Panorama Concrete offers a full cleaning and resealing service for concrete. Hiring a professional to re-seal your concrete will enhance the look and feel of your concrete without you having to lift a finger. This is a good option if you’re not the DIY type or you simply lack the time do the job yourself.

Resealing your concrete involves three stages:

  • A thorough high pressure clean
  • A light acid wash (if necessary)
  • Application of the correct type of sealant for your concrete

You may never want to reseal again so ensuring the job is done correctly the first time by a professional is a worthwhile investment in your home.

Option 2 – DIY – reseal it yourself

If you enjoy getting your hands dirty and doing some work around the house, then you might want to try doing your own concrete sealing. With a little bit of elbow grease and a container of Avista Sealer which is a Dulux product, you can enhance the natural colour of your concrete, protect against future stains and make sweeping the concrete an easier job.

Avista Sealer

We have a range of concrete sealers in our showroom in a clear finish or assorted colours. We’ll advise and instructions on the process of resealing your concrete.

Contact the staff at Panorama Concrete for advice on how to best seal your concrete and how we can help you. Call us on 08 8297 9611 or fill out our online enquiry form here.