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Using integral colour in your concrete project for driveways, pathways and patios

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Cobble Finish – Stamped Concrete

Integral colour concrete has come a long way since it was introduced in the early 2000’s with a range of pigments and oxides now available to create anything from a rustic and traditional, to a smooth and modern concrete design.

With the rise of home improvement websites and home shows, we are all getting our inspiration from a wide range of sources. Thanks to these sources we are also becoming a great deal more confident in our décor choices.

We’ve attributed the rise in coloured concrete popularity to these shows and the creative ways in which coloured concrete is used to make backyards, driveways and patios come to life. There are now many more colours and effects to choose from if you want to add interest and enhance what might be a dull area of your home.

What is integral colour?

Integral colour is a coloured pigment that is infused within the concrete itself so that the colour has depth and richness. It is long lasting and retains its uniformity of colour even if there is abrasion on the concrete.

Until about 10 years ago concrete companies did not supply integral colour through concrete. This meant that installers had to mix colour hardeners into the wet concrete mix themselves. This method required more training and experience. The older method was used for pattern pave concrete from 1982 when Pattern Pave was introduced by Panorama Concrete Paving into Adelaide until integral became widely used.

There is a lot of pattern pave, slate pave and coloured concrete to be seen around Adelaide still looking very good with the older colour method but integral concrete is easier to use and works well for less experienced installers. It is especially good for exposed aggregate concrete mixes.

Where to use integral colour – concrete décor ideas?

Integral colour as well as painted concrete can be used to enhance the look of your concrete project in the following ways:

  • For exposed aggregate driveways, pathways and patios with a background colour in the paving to highlight the pebbles.
  • To create specific designs within the concrete slab.
  • For stamped concrete designs (or decorative concrete) with the colour selected to contrast with your home.
  • For Handcrafted Saw Cuts finishes so that plain concrete does not show around the pattern cuts.
  • For high traffic areas requiring less maintenance.

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