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Using stamped concrete to create a Mediterranean paradise in your backyard

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Slate finish - Stamped Concrete

In Adelaide we are fortunate to be able to enjoy the outdoors for most of the year. With Alfresco dining spaces and the various outdoor heating options available now, our outdoor spaces have become an extension of our living quarters.

When you are exploring ideas for concrete solution, our concrete consultants offer suggestions on creating beautiful backyards which are a complement to your home therefore increasing its value. Whether you want a traditional, rustic, modern or contemporary look and feel, there is a concrete style that will suit you.

For example, creating your own Mediterranean paradise in the backyard is possible with the right colours and textures. If you happen to have a pool, you can combine the blue or green hues of your pool along with concrete textures to capture some of the magic of the Mediterranean.

When we think of the Mediterranean, we think of crystal clear calm blue waters, warm pink sunsets, cobblestone streets lined with bougainvillea and rocky outcrops from which to dive into the ocean. Other than the rocky outcrops of course, the rest can be recreated in your very own back yard.

Did you know? The Mediterranean is surrounded by 19 countries with 2 islands in the middle – Malta and Cyprus. The Mediterranean Sea is blue and clear because it lacks specific nutrients required for plant growth that other oceans have.

Many of our customers who have created a touch of the Mediterranean in their backyards have used stamped concrete. When we first started installing concrete paving 30 years ago these finishes were called Pattern Pave.

Available in several different patterns and textures to provide contrast and interest, stamped concrete can be a smoother finish for outdoor dining areas which have table legs, or a cobble finish for texture and warmth.

The range of colours varies from warm tones and hues, integral concrete colours such as sand, orange, cream or amber to cooler sandstone shades.

How stamped concrete is installed

Stamped concrete is created using polyurethane moulds stamped into the top of the trowelled concrete.  Once you have chosen the pattern and integral colour your site is prepared and the formwork is installed.

We pour the concrete into the formwork and trowel the concrete to a smooth, even level. When the concrete has cured enough, the stamps are placed over the surface to create the pattern and texture.

The process makes stamped concrete a very versatile product.  It can be used for curved walkways and pathways, custom features and shapes in the back yard. Whilst on site we can install raised planter boxes or steps to add to the Mediterranean appeal.

Here are some examples of backyards using stamped concrete to create a Mediterranean feel

Mediterranean Villa

A square slate pattern pave was chosen to complement this Mediterranean villa with its curved entrances and walls. The colour chosen was terracotta to blend with the earthy tones of the home.

Outdoor dining in slate pattern pave

This outdoor dining area was created with stamped concrete in our slate range, with a smoother finish and natural copper tones.


A sense of flow with a curved design

Stamped concrete was used in a curved pattern to create half spirals. These radiating patterns give a sense of flow and space, a natural extension of a garden or flowerbeds.


Earthy mottled tones for this patio

Integral colour concrete was chosen for this backyard patio in amber hues. Integral colour has come a long way since it was introduced in the early 2000’s with a range of pigments and oxides to create a rustic Mediterranean design.


Outdoor dining throughout the year

Just like the Mediterranean, we can dine outdoors for most of the year. With the choice of attractive and mobile outdoor heaters now available, Alfresco dining has become a popular event in Adelaide in winter. This outdoor dining room has stamped concrete paving in terracotta tones.

Slate finish - Stamped Concrete

Replicating cobble stoned streets of Mediterranean villages

Old world cobble stones are easily replicated in a variety of tones and textures as you can see below. Ideal for backyard patios, fire pit areas, BBQ spaces, outdoor dining areas, they are also well suited to pathways, walkways and driveways.

Slate finish - Stamped Concrete Slate finish - Stamped Concrete Slate Pattern Pave

Conservatory with Grecian Pillars

This conservatory is a beautiful warm place to sit in winter and enjoy the outdoors from the inside. The floor was done in a terracotta stamped concrete. Terracotta pots and Grecian pillars complete this Mediterranean living space.

Slate finish - Stamped Concrete

Featuring a fountain of water

This backyard is in progress, but pattern pave or stamped concrete has been used to create a custom pattern for a water fountain which will be the central feature. The clients chose black as a stark contrast to the fountain which will occupy the featured space. Stamped concrete is ideal for applications such as this. We can pour the concrete in any shape required and the effect of pavers is created with the stamps.

water feature concrete

Why use stamped or decorative concrete over concrete pavers?

This concrete style has stood the test of time and many of our installations look as beautiful today as they did the day they were installed. There are many benefits of stamped concrete paving or decorative pattern pave over concrete pavers which are:

  • Affordable quality and great value for money
  • Solid and strong and will remain in place for many years.
  • Handles heavy use and is designed for cars, boats, small trucks and caravans to drive on
  • No weeds or subsidence so very little maintenance is required
  • Control joints are much less noticeable – they are saw cut into the concrete slab after it has cured slightly and are far less noticeable than standard bar joints

Call Panorama Concrete Adelaide or visit our Concrete Display Centre

Visit us at our display centre at 1 Maple Avenue, Forestville. Panorama Concrete is the only concrete company in Adelaide who has a display centre with many examples of stamped and decorative concrete. Our customers will take samples home with them to check colours and styles in their natural setting. Call our friendly team on 08 8276 9611 for a free no obligation consultation.