Milled Handcrafted Finishes
Exposed Aggregate Concrete

The Milled Finishes are an upmarket, sleek, and sophisticated look crafted with very fine exposures of stone that are smooth to walk on and can be also saw-cut to look like pavers, without the high maintenance that pavers require.

This finish is excellent for outdoor entertaining areas and verandas where heavier exposed aggregate finishes are just too uneven for tables or kids’ bikes.

Milled And Sandblasted

We developed this new finish specifically for the new Plaza area at Adelaide Airport

The Airport plans called for a much smoother finish than traditional exposed aggregate. They required a finish with very little stone showing and tough enough to withstand heavy suitcases being dragged over the surface.

After receiving positive feedback on the completed two-coloured exposed aggregate concrete project at the Airport Plaza, we realised that we had created new finishes with a much wider application for residential housing.

Milled Finish is a fine, smooth finish with small amounts of aggregate showing.

Milled And Sandblasted