Handcrafted Saw-Cut Concrete Decorative Paving

An upmarket and smooth finish for driveways and patios, without the weeds

A smooth and sleek appearance can be achieved with our handcrafted saw-cut concrete paving. The result looks like high end pavers or tiles but without the weeds and movement that can happen with paver blocks.

Handcrafted finishes are ideal for driveways and patios in contemporary and traditional homes.

Hand Crafted Saw Cut

The benefits of handcrafted saw-cut concrete paving

  • No weeds and no subsidence – very little maintenance is required
  • Particularly good for outdoor entertaining areas where uneven pavers can cause wobbly table legs
  • On sloped areas our Milled finishes will provide grip for car tyres and a smooth safe surface to walk down
  • All our decorative concrete paving is sealed which protects it from permanent oil and car tyre stains and red wine spills
  • Wide colour range – popular colours include limestone or sandstone colours in patios and grey or taupe toning in driveways
  • Our paving is reinforced with steel mesh and can take vehicles up to 3 tonnes in weight. This includes cars, utes, delivery vans and some light two-axle trucks. Higher strength concrete and reinforcing can be arranged for an extra cost to accommodate heavier commercial trucks
  • Cost effective compared to installing large sized pavers – when installing concrete pavers, a flat finish that has little movement can be achieved by installing a concrete base first and then installing pavers on top. However this is much more expensive than our handcrafted saw-cut paving for the same look.

Installation of handcrafted finishes

Once we have poured the base and allowed it to harden, our specialist team will come back to saw-cut square or rectangular patterns into the top of the slab.

Pattern sizes vary from 600mm to 300mm in size. Larger patterns will create a more expansive look and smaller patterns may suit heritage homes.

The concrete slab can have a smooth one-coloured appearance or an exposed aggregate milled finish. This allows small amounts of coloured aggregate to show through – but is smoother to walk on than traditional exposed aggregate finishes.

Commercial Application?

We’ve installed our handcrafted saw-cut decorative concrete in several developments and commercial applications including projects at Adelaide Airport and the walkways in Bank Street Adelaide CBD.

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