Commercial Concrete Projects Adelaide

Panorama Concrete has extensive experience in large and small commercial concrete projects across Adelaide.

We have over 30 years of installing commercial concrete with a highly skilled team of people. Therefore we can confidently provide quality commercial concrete solutions to rigid design specifications. Some examples of projects are below.

Adelaide Airport Plaza Exposed Aggregate Concrete

A new exposed aggregate finish was developed for the Plaza area at Adelaide Airport.

The Airport plans called for a much smoother finish than traditional exposed aggregate. We created a finish with very little stone showing, and tough enough to withstand heavy suitcases being dragged over the surface.

These finer finishes are our Milled and Sandblast concrete styles. They can also be saw-cut to resemble pavers, but unlike pavers they do not have the high maintenance with weeding and subsidence. Ideal for commercial applications.

Council Footpaths and Public Areas

Public access areas such as outside blocks of units, on council walk ways, car parks and around nursing homes, have high traffic.

Traditional exposed aggregate finishes and decorative stamped concrete or pattern pave are ideal for these applications. They are durable, long-lasting and available in a variety of colours and designs.

Adelaide Zoo Salt Wash Finish Walkways

A salt water finish was installed at Adelaide Zoo to create a more rustic look. This suits the natural environment.

Bank Street, Adelaide

The Adelaide Council chose our Milled Finish Exposed Aggregate for Bank Street, using black granite aggregate. The result was an attractive paved thoroughfare which could handle the weight of large trucks if required while remaining pedestrian friendly.

One of the many great benefits of stamped concrete pattern pave is no weeds or subsidence, so the paving always look tidy.

Flinders Medical Centre Redevelopment

We laid pathways for the interconnecting buildings of the redeveloped Flinders Medical Centre, using a boom pump to pour the concrete because of the tight access to internal courtyards.

We used our Milled finish, an exposed aggregate mix with a smooth finish for hospital patients with walkers and wheelchairs.

Adelaide Convention Centre

Panorama Concrete Paving laid the exposed aggregate concrete for the Adelaide Convention Centre’s pedestrian areas including the pathway over the railway bridge. We used the Platinum Milled finish exposed aggregate in a sandstone colour with a sealer to finish.

The Milled finish is a sleek, and sophisticated look crafted with very fine exposures of stone that are smooth to walk on and can be saw-cut to look like pavers, without the high maintenance that pavers require. The sealer has prevented stains and marks so the aggregate concrete still looks like new.

Adelaide Festival Centre Redevelopment

We have laid approximately 2500m² of exposed aggregate concrete from the Festival Centre‘s King William Road entrance around to the new Amphitheatre and Dunstan Playhouse.

We chose a sandstone coloured mix with a light reveal of stones to make it smoother to walk on.

The Minda Redevelopment Project

The planning for the redevelopment of Minda began in 2007 with a $260 million budget.

This large commercial concrete project includes exposed aggregate concrete driveways to the buildings, the footpaths around buildings, entrances, back patios, crossovers and garden curbing.

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