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5 Creative concrete ideas for driveways and walkways

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Tile Inserts - Exposed Aggregate Concrete

A little extra detail to the concrete design and layout helps larger areas like driveways and sweeping walkways around your home or commercial building lift and complement the property.

This can be achieved by combining exposed aggregate, coloured concrete and stamped concrete (pattern pave) or tiles. Below are five concrete design concepts to help you get started with ideas for your home.

1. Ashler slate with cream border

Durable, stain and oil resistance, slate pattern pave is achieved by stamping slate textured mats into newly poured concrete which has been coloured and trowelled. In this example a brick edge stamp (that looks like a tile) was chosen to frame the stamped concrete paving and match the house colour and style, lightening the overall look of the driveway. Contrasting stamped concrete works well together without the weeds!

Ashler slate with cream border

2. Coloured concrete combinations

This is an example of how you can use coloured concrete to create sections on a driveway with pattern pave (stamped concrete), creating dimension and interest and being cost effective at the same time.

Coloured concrete combinations

3. Tiled borders on exposed aggregate

For this contemporary home, exposed aggregate was laid in the driveway and we used a tiled border in matching tones to the house but contrasting to the exposed aggregate mix. The border creates an attractive and subtle frame for the driveway.

Tile Inserts - Exposed Aggregate Concrete

4. Coloured concrete borders on slate pattern pave

On this walkway which swept around this commercial office, we discussed a few ideas to suit the building and decided on decorative concrete paving. The client chose a slate stamped pattern pave with a coloured concrete border to the lawn.

Coloured concrete borders on slate pattern pave

5. Coloured concrete and exposed aggregate combinations

This is one of our commercial developments along Adelaide’s coastline. In the middle of the pathway we laid coloured concrete and we added a wide border of exposed aggregate concrete. In consultation with the council we chose colours and textures that matched the tones of the seaside.

Council Footpaths and Public Areas

Panorama Concrete will help you design your concrete driveways and walkways

Visit us at our showroom at 1 Maple Street, Forestville or call our friendly team on (08) 8297 9611 for concrete design ideas about driveways and walkways around your home. Start getting inspired today!