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Does A Concrete Driveway Increase Your Property’s Value?

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Platinum Range - Exposed Aggregate Concrete

The short answer is…yes!

A good first impression can increase the value of your home by as much as 10% according to some reports. You can’t underestimate curb appeal. Your home’s presence on the street and the very first impression it makes when someone arrives, creates a lasting impact.

The driveway of your home significantly contributes to this lasting impact because it forms the entrance to your home – is it welcoming, easy to access, tidy, and does it suit your home’s style?

Exposed aggregate concrete driveways

Research on 407 Australian homes conducted in 2016 found that homes with a driveway made of exposed aggregate concrete were not only seen as more contemporary and attractive than others, they were also worth more.

Seventy five per cent of this sample stated the exposed aggregate concrete driveways added at least 5 per cent to the property’s value versus plain concrete, while 42 per cent stated the exposed aggregate concrete added at least 10 per cent to market value.

Exposed aggregate has been a popular choice for concrete driveways for more than 20 years, and continues to be a sought after choice for the following reasons:


  • Looks contemporary, modern and stylish
  • No weeding needed, ideal for the low maintenance home owner
  • Excellent for steep driveways
  • Provides more grip if required depending on the type of aggregate used
  • Is durable and hard-wearing
  • Available in various colours to match the style of your home
  • You can develop a custom aggregate mix that is unique for your home

Custom Range - Exposed Aggregate Concrete 

Other concrete driveway options

There are other beautiful decorative concrete styles which might suit your home better.

Stamped concrete – Originally known as Pattern Pave, stamped concrete looks like tiles or pavers but without the maintenance that pavers need. There are smooth or textured finishes available in cobblestone heritage styles and slate, stone or tile looks to suit modern and older style homes in a large choice of colours. Stamped concrete is durable, oil and stain resistant and with an occasional clean and reseal, will look as good as the day it was poured for its lifetime.  Panorama Concrete Paving have been installing stamped concrete finishes for over 30 years in Adelaide and with an occasional coat of sealer they still look as good as the day they were poured.

Tile Finish - Stamped Concrete

Handcrafted saw-cut concrete – this style is ideal for people who want a high end urban paver smooth and modern finish. Once the concrete is laid, it is left to cure and then we return to saw-cut squares or rectangles to create the paver look. There are two very distinct benefits over pavers: 1. There is no subsidence that can happen with pavers; 2. There is no weeding between the pavers needed – perfect for the low maintenance home owner.


Handcrafted Saw-Cut Concrete Decorative Paving 

Coloured concreteintegral colour concrete is infused with a range of pigments and oxides when the concrete is being mixed in the concrete batch plant. This means that the colour is all through the concrete mix to create anything from a rustic and traditional, to a smooth and modern concrete design. This style of concrete is long lasting and has come a long way since oxides were trowelled into the top of concrete at the last minute or painted with colour after the concrete had cured. Now there are over 30 integral colours in our range to choose from.

Coloured Concrete Options


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Planning ahead – think about the use of your driveway today and in the future

Your lifestyle needs may change with time. Kids might grow up and move out, you may decide to buy another car or caravan, or you might decide to use the space allocated for the driveway as an outdoor entertainment area.

We often discuss current and future needs of driveways with our clients, here are some questions to help you plan ahead.

Will you have heavier vehicles in the future?

Are you planning for a caravan or a truck down the track?  Driveways installed with 25 MPA 100mm thick concrete will be suitable for cars, delivery vans, most caravans and some light two-axle truck however if heavier vehicles could be using the driveway in the future a higher standard of steel mesh and concrete mix might be required.  A 32MPA mix with a heavier standard of steel mesh can be installed to prepare for all future uses.

Do you have space for a double driveway?

If you have the space, we suggest installing a double driveway. Often people will install a single driveway to save on costs, or because they have only one car, and down the track will return to do the second half of the driveway. Matching up the concrete is difficult, and it never looks quite complete.

steep driveway

Little kids running around on driveways

If you have small kids or are planning for a family soon, it will be so much easier to have a less textured milled exposed aggregate finish with smaller amounts of aggregate showing or a smooth stamped concrete finish which will be easier on little knees when kids are running about. Some websites suggest that using lots more smooth river pebbles in exposed aggregate finishes is the way to go to achieve a finish which is not as sharp to walk on but too many pebbles in exposed aggregate can end up being dangerously slippery when wet. We can advise on different finishes to help you make the right decision.

Milled and Sandblasted - Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Will you convert your driveway to a patio in the future?

When the kids grow up and move on, some people convert their driveways into a patio or outdoor entertaining area. Concrete lasts a lifetime so it is likely it will have multiple uses. Think about whether you want a smoother or rougher finish, whether to seal or not to seal. Patios need as smoother finish and one that is easier to clean, sweep and maintain.


Milled and Sandblasted - Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Call us to discuss what’s involved in laying decorative concrete for your driveway

Panorama Concrete is the only concrete installation company in Adelaide with their own  concrete display centre  where you can view a range of stamped concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, patterned concrete and coloured styles.

If you sign up with us and pay a deposit for your project you can take a couple of our 300 x 300 sample squares home with you to check the colour and style next to your house. Pop into our showroom at 1 Maple Avenue, Forestville, on weekdays between 8.30am-5.30pm, or call us on 8297 9611 for a no obligation discussion about your concrete driveway.

panorama concrete display centre