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10 Reasons Why a Concrete Driveway is Better than a Paved One

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Less maintenance, easy cleaning and long term durability are just some of the benefits of using concrete on your driveway over pavers.

Once upon a time, concrete options were limited, and a concrete driveway conjured up an image of a flat, dull grey concrete slab with not much interest. Today, there is a variety of different styles available at Panorama Concrete, including exposed aggregate, stamped concrete and integral colour concrete. You can mix and match colours and textures to achieve a unique and customised style of concrete for your driveway and home.

1. Low maintenance

There are no weeds to pull out, and if you have a paved driveway today, you’ll know all too well how regularly you have to maintain pavers to keep the driveway looking clean and tidy. A concrete driveway is ideal for the low maintenance gardener.

2. No subsidence

Adelaide’s shifting soils and tension between house slabs, tree roots and paving slabs means that hairline cracks do occur in concrete. Driving over them does not mean that cracks will get much wider, even over a long period of time. While paver installations will continue to loosen and even sink, our concrete paving jobs from many years ago still look good and are functioning well.


3. Flexible for dual purpose driveways

If you have a dual purpose driveway and you use it as a patio and for entertainment, then concrete is ideal for outdoor entertaining areas. Pavers can move and become uneven and cause table legs and chairs to be wobbly, making it uncomfortable for entertaining. Concrete offers a smooth slab and much easier to relax and enjoy a long lunch with friends and family.

dual purpose


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4. Lasts a lifetime

Concrete is durable and will last a lifetime. Many of our original projects from 35+ years ago still look as good today as they did back then. Concrete paving is reinforced with steel mesh and handles vehicles up to three-tonnes in weight. If you decide to buy a caravan or a small truck, you’ll know your driveway will be able to handle the weight.  It is easy to increase the density (MPA) of the concrete mix and steel mesh size to accommodate even larger trucks.


lasts lifetime


5. Easy to clean

Concrete is easy to clean. We recommend sealing your concrete to minimise general wear and tear and to protect it from engine oils, car tyre stains or any other spills. Some clients will seal once at the beginning, some will seal every couple of years, this is personal preference. Sealing keeps the concrete clean but also makes it easier to sweep and wash down.

Sealing Concrete Services


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6. Wide colour range

Concrete offers a large range of colours and pigments to choose from to match and complement your home’s colour and style. Integral colour concrete is a coloured pigment that is infused within the concrete itself so that the colour has depth and richness. It is long lasting and remains uniform in colour even if there is abrasion on the concrete.

Exposed aggregate can be installed with integral coloured concrete in over 30 different colours or a plain exposed aggregate concrete mix can be installed with coloured stones and pebbles to change the overall look of the concrete paving. Coloured stones come in a range of hues and colours from neutrals to pinks, gold, black and brown hues.

concrete aggregate

7. Non-slip surface

Concrete styles can be designed to provide a non-slip surface with more grip. If you have large vehicles or a steep driveway, you’ll want a safe driveway with proper grip. This can be achieved when installing exposed aggregate by using a different retarder product to expose a greater amount of the aggregate in the concrete mix, or by adding a smudge finish to coloured concrete to give more texture.


steep driveway


8. Various textures for custom styles to suit your home

Various textures, smooth and course and in between can be created, depending on the style of your home and the uses of the driveway. For example, if you have children running around with bikes, you’ll want a smoother finish to go easier on their knees if they fall down. If you like more three dimensional texture, an exposed aggregate finish can provide different selections of pebbles, stone and even glass will achieve this.


driveway textures


9. Cost effective

Concrete is often cost effective when compared to professionally laid concrete pavers. This is particularly so when a concrete slab is required to be laid first with the pavers then installed on top to ensure the pavers remain in place and do not subside.  If you are looking at pavers because you like a smooth modern finish, then our handcrafted concrete range provides this same look but without the weeds and subsidence. Imagine – no more weeds!

Handcrafted Saw-Cut Concrete Decorative Paving


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10. Ideal for steep driveways

Do you have a sloping or steep driveway? Concrete is excellent for steep, sloped or difficult to access areas. Concrete can be poured on most sloped surfaces and if additional grip is needed on a steep driveway, this can be catered for with more aggregate exposed or a courser smudge finish on coloured concrete.

Benchmark Range

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