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Planning for a concrete driveway? Think about current and future use

By June 19, 2019 September 13th, 2022 No Comments
Milled and Sandblasted - Exposed Aggregate Concrete

In planning for a concrete driveway, we spend time onsite with our clients discussing the multiple uses, current and future, in a typical Adelaide home.

There are functional and lifestyle questions to consider when deciding on the layout and concrete style you choose. Thinking about future requirements of the driveway will avoid unnecessary additional costs and hassles down the track.

Here are things to consider before you make a final decision on your concrete driveway:

Single or double driveway?

Many people opt for a single driveway when they have the room for a double driveway because of the cost involved. However, several clients have come back to us down the track to change their single driveways into double driveways and it is hard to match with the existing concrete which has had time to age. It often looks like an afterthought.

So if you think you will need a double driveway down the track, it is best to install it up front.

Small kids running around?

If you have smaller children who are riding tricycles or playing ball games on the driveway, falling on rough exposed aggregate concrete can cause some nasty wounds. There are many other options for smoother finishes on a driveway to protect little hands and knees, for example:

Heavier vehicles like caravans and boats?

Do you have boats, trailers, caravans, delivery vans and lighter two-axle trucks? You will need to make sure that the concrete grade is strong enough to handle this traffic. Panorama Concrete install 25MPA strength for concrete driveways which in our opinion is the minimum that should be laid.

If heavier commercial vehicles will be using the driveway in the future however, a higher standard of steel mesh and concrete that is stronger than 25MPA is needed, such as 32MPA. This needs to be decided at the start before site preparation begins.

Will you convert your driveway to a patio in the future?

Many people convert their driveways and garages into entertaining areas as the kids grow up and move on. Concrete lasts a lifetime so it is worth considering this as a possibility. Think about the surface and using integral colour (colour through the concrete) from the outset for an attractive surface should you end up using the driveway for lifestyle purposes. When concrete is sealed properly, it will be easier to clean and maintain so that in time it still looks good enough to be converted into a patio.

Panorama Concrete will help you plan your concrete driveway for the future

With more than 30 years of laying concrete in Adelaide homes, we know what questions to ask you and what to bring to your attention so that you can plan ahead for future needs. Our planning is meticulous and detailed, and we take the time up front with our clients to ensure that when their concrete driveway is laid, it is done properly with current and future needs in mind.

Call the friendly team at Panorama Concrete today on 8297 9611 or drop into our showroom at 1 Maple Avenue, Forestville, which has many of our concrete finishes on display.