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Versatile and durable decorative concrete paving

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Slate finish - Stamped Concrete

For householders with better things to do than weed between pavers, decorative concrete paving is a good solution.

There are various styles of concrete paving from the currently popular Exposed Aggregate finishes discussed in a previous blog to traditional and modern pattern paving finishes which are making a bit of a comeback.

Over the past 30 years Panorama has installed a lot of pattern paving in Adelaide from commercial roads, carparks and paving outside blocks of units to driveways, patios and paths around houses. Except for the occasional need for a coat of sealer most of them are still looking as good as when first installed.

Styles range from smooth, modern slate and tile paving for driveways and entertaining areas, to European cobbles for streetscapes and traditional houses.

Decorative concrete paving is a very versatile product with many advantages over pavers.

  • Easily installed in curved shapes for circular driveways and garden beds
  • Durable and strong – designed to be driven on by cars, boats, small trucks and caravans
  • Oil and stain resistant – easy to maintain
  • No weeds to manage – there are no gaps
  • No subsidence
  • Many patterns to suit the style of your home
  • Easy to install in undulating and sloping areas

Panorama’s decorative concrete paving finishes are achieved by stamping textured mats into newly poured concrete which has been coloured and trowelled to a smooth consistency.

After stamping, control joints are added, and the paving is then left to cure. A couple of days later the paving is pressure washed and sealed, giving a beautiful, natural looking finish combined with the structural strength of concrete.

Result? A great looking surface that will last for years to come with very little maintenance!

Decorative concrete paving styles for residential and commercial areas

For homes in Adelaide, smooth finishes like Mediterranean Slate and French Tile are often popular in entertaining areas as well as driveways. The sealed paving protects against oil and food spills and makes the paving easy to sweep.

In commercial roadways finishes that look like old world European cobblestones are popular.

A recent commercial decorative concrete paving project is the entrance to Woodford road in Magill, which has a cobble stone pattern pave. This is a great example of relying on the strength and durability of decorative concrete paving for a road with high daily traffic. See the images above.

Please call the Panorama Concrete Paving team in Adelaide on (08) 8297 9611 to discuss your application for either a residential or commercial project. You can visit our showroom in Forestville to view several different styles of decorative concrete paving.