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Small and large scale commercial concrete projects in Adelaide

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The Adelaide Airport, Convention Centre, Festival Centre, retirement villages, schools, townhouse developments, council walkways and more

Panorama Concrete has been involved in commercial concrete projects throughout the city of Adelaide for more than 30 years.

As one of Adelaide’s leading concrete paving companies, we offer a range of services for both small and large commercial concrete projects. Our projects are diverse and include:

  • Public walkways and pathways
  • Schools and universities
  • Retirement villages
  • House and unit developments
  • Shopping centres
  • City streetscaping and more

Our highly skilled team of concrete installers work on our commercial concrete paving projects from start to finish, to rigid specifications, specified budgets and timeframes.

Getting creative with concrete for commercial applications

You can get quite creative with concrete to create spaces with interest and texture that give a sense of expansion, while blending with the surrounding environment.

We’ll often use a combination of concrete styles for smaller commercial projects. For example a council pathway may have integral colour concrete as the feature bordered with stamped concrete tiles. The result adds interest with texture and colour, blends with the surrounding landscape or streetscapes and is more visually appealing.

Stamped concrete – a versatile a durable concrete style is often used for pathways and walkways. The designs include traditional cobblestones, slate and tiled styles to suit heritage and contemporary projects.

Exposed aggregate concrete – exposed aggregate concrete is available in a range of colours. Seeding stones also come in many colours including white, green, gold, tan, black grey, mid brown, pink and variegated hues. By adding integral colour and different colour seeding stones, you can create an entirely different hue or texture to suit the commercial space.

Handcrafted saw-cut concrete – Panorama Concrete developed the unique handcrafted saw-cut style in Adelaide. Ideal for modern commercial areas, this style provides a smooth and sleek appearance which looks like high end pavers but without the weeds and movement that can happen with paver blocks.

Integral colour concrete – Integral colour concrete is an attractive and versatile option with a range of pigments and oxides now available to create anything from a rustic and traditional, to a smooth and modern concrete design.

Commercial concrete projects in Adelaide

Council pathways and walkways

We installed a combination of an exposed aggregate finish along with coloured concrete in a selection of lighter colours and shapes for this seaside promenade at Middleton Beach.

This pathway sweeps around the coastline, blending with the ocean’s natural aesthetic.

The exposed aggregate concrete chosen was a lighter colour with seeding stones added to provide a firmer grip to walk on that was even in texture at the same time. 

council concrete    

Retirement village

We used a stamped concrete for a slightly more traditional look and feel at this retirement village. The terracotta tile is actually a stamped concrete design, so it looks like a tile but without the weeds or subsidence that often happen with tiles.

Stamped concrete is installed by laying an integral colour 25MPA or higher grade of concrete mix as often required in commercial situations. The concrete is then screeded to a flat and smooth finish. After the concrete has been allowed to cure and a release agent powder has been applied, the patterns are then stamped on top.

In most cases we will add a coat of sealer to the stamped concrete finish to protect it from tyre marks and other stains. We recommend a good coat of sealer every few years to maintain the concrete and keep it looking fresh and new.

aged care concrete

Townhouse developments and blocks of units

At the back of this block of units we installed a combination of stamped concrete patterns – a slate grey tile along with a terracotta tiles to work as a spoon drain in the centre. The combination of the two colours also adds interest.

townhouse concrete     


Making the tree a feature of this open space, we used rectangles of exposed aggregate with coloured seeding stones bordered with natural grey concrete. The two styles and colours of concrete combined resulted in a modern, textured and interesting space.

We often use combinations of concrete in this manner. It is cost effective for our clients and provides so much more design and interest.

Before-infills     Close-up

Larger scale commercial concrete projects in Adelaide

Around Adelaide, you’ll see our larger scale commercial work in places you’ll most likely have already visited:

Adelaide Airport – we developed a new exposed aggregate finish for the Plaza area at Adelaide Airport. The Airport plans called for a much smoother finish than traditional exposed aggregate. The finish has very little stone showing but tough enough to withstand heavy suitcases being dragged over the surface.

Bank Street Adelaide – The Adelaide Council chose our Milled Finish Exposed Aggregate using a black granite aggregate. This attractive paved thoroughfare handles the weight of large trucks while being even for pedestrian traffic.

Adelaide Zoo – a salt water finish for a rustic natural look was created to suit the surrounds at the Zoo.

Adelaide Convention Centre – exposed aggregate concrete was laid in pedestrian areas including the pathway over the railway bridge using the Platinum Milled finish in a sandstone colour with a sealer finish to prevent stains and marks.

Flinders Medical Centre – pathways for the interconnecting buildings were developed using a boom pump to pour the concrete because of the tight access to internal courtyards. We used the Milled style, an exposed aggregate mix with a smooth finish for hospital patients with walkers and wheelchairs.

Adelaide Festival Centre – approximately 2500m² of exposed aggregate concrete was laid from the King William Road entrance around to the new Amphitheatre and Dunstan Playhouse in sandstone coloured mix with a light reveal of stones to make it smoother to walk on.

We provide a complete commercial concrete installation process

Our commercial projects are managed by our team from start to finish and we work with architects, designers, project managers, site managers, facilities managers, strata groups, builders and developers to understand their needs, specifications and to work toward their required time frames.

Other services:

  • Site preparation
  • Installation of stormwater drainage
  • Installation of curbs and retaining walls
  • Concrete cleaning and resealing

For large or small scale commercial concrete projects, talk to the team at Panorama Concrete Adelaide

Our display centre has a range of installed concrete styles plus many samples to view. We can also pour a sample slab at our display site to your specifications.

Contact our concrete specialist team on 8297 9611 for ideas, concrete styles and options and for a quote. Find out how we can help you with your commercial concrete project.